Closers Daily, Episode 68. Hope you guys are all having a great Friday evening. Late night at the office here, but it is what it is. Here is a little bit of a life hack for you. So if you park in downtown London, use an app called Honk Mobile. If you look at the parking meters you'll actually notice a four-digit number on it, so, like, 2671. There's actually one by One London Place that I used today. And you can pay for your time on your phone. I think it costs an extra 25 cents, but it sends you reminders 15 minutes before your meter expires. You can actually just tap the app and update your meter from that. So if you get stuck in an appointment, it's probably worth the extra 25 cents to save you from getting a ticket downtown. I think it's a way of showcasing how London is forward-thinking in certain ways, and definitely an app that I find super, super useful. So little life hack for you. Saves you time. You don't have to run to the meter every time, pull your credit card out, and then run back to your car. I've used it nonstop this week, and I absolutely love it. So Honk Mobile, download it. Hope you guys are doing well, I'm gonna go eat Rico's Pizza thanks to Glen Whitehead's recommendation. Take care.

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