Closers Daily episode 67. So we're always giving out tips and whatnot at the beginning of the closers series. We promised we'd give you off market properties before they're actually listed, so here's a couple for ya. 322 Fleming is coming up, it's a student rental, it's vacant, freshly painted, clean, ready to rock. It's gonna hit the system next Tuesday. 1212 Thamesridge Crescent is in Hunt Club West, 629k, knockout property. It goes live tomorrow as well, there's gonna be an open house Saturday and Sunday. We also have 1570 Richmond Street, unit number 44, getting another student rental property. Ready to rock, it's been painted, clean, carpet, everything's being done this weekend as well. Perfect for owner-occupier. Actually both Flemming and that property, and then we actually have two more coming up near western as well. One of them could be a turn key student rental property, it's already got five tenants in it, and another one could actually be an old north conversion or student rental. Stay tuned for those two and hopefully you found some value in that. Take care.

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