Closers Daily episode number 133. Let's jump right into it. So I list a property for sale, I get a call from a buyer, I spend a whole bunch of time sending them information on the property, maybe I show it to them, and then at the last second they bring in their agent to write the offer. How do I react? People in our industry react in all kinds of different ways. Some will blow their tops, be furious at it. Others will just process the transaction, maybe they'll actually hold back 25% or a portion of the listing commission. Others will just process the transaction flat out. And, you know, in our opinion, it's our duty to get the highest price and the best conditions for our sellers, whether that means showing properties to other agents' buyers, you know, with or without knowing that they're under representation. You know, the job is to get the property sold. So I always say in this business, even with my own agents, if you've got a listing, just go out of your way, do it, get that offer, get it sold. 'Cause you never know when the right buyer's gonna come back around. Now, to the buyers, I tell them, be transparent with the people that you're dealing with as well. I know a lot of times buyers call, trying to ask leading questions. If they're dealing with good agents, you know, that those agents are gonna protect their sellers.

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