I'm Justin Konikow. Welcome to episode 132 of The Closers Daily. This one has to do with not creating a narrative in your mind that could tank your deal. What do I mean by that? I mean if you're a seller or you're a buyer and you're in a situation where say you have a conditional sale on one of your properties and the buyers are coming in asking for an extension. Maybe they ask for a day and then all of a sudden they're asking for another day. Don't start getting a narrative in your mind, that might not exist. That they're playing games with you or here and there. Trust your agent, make sure that their agent's being transparent with you and if everybody is being forthright throughout the process, make a decision that's right for you. If your property's been in the market for a couple of months and you've finally got a price that you're really happy with, give them that extra day and don't necessarily burn a deal because you think something's happening that may not actually be happening because you know a lot of the agents have time invested in the deal. The buyer maybe already paid for an inspection and wants to close it so you can shooting yourself in the foot by killing that deal or not giving them that extra 24 hour period.

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