I'm Justin Konikow. Welcome to Episode 131 of The Closers Daily. Gonna pair this up with a recent sold that we had at 994. The trail in Grand Bend Huron Woods. Actually one of the first houses that was ever created in the subdivision. Super emotional sale for the sellers, and super emotional sale for us. We're happy to get this to successful conclusions and move on to the next phase in their life. But it's an interesting thing for real estate agents when you're putting sold stickers out. There's a rookie move that a lot of agents make, and it's actually putting up a sold sticker on a conditionally sold property. You may see that from time to time, or you may not see a sold sticker on a property while it is conditionally sold, and at the very last second, they put a sold sticker up without getting the actual notice of fulfillment or waiver of conditions, and then the deal actually falls apart. One lesson you'll learn, real estate is only put up those sold sticker once you get all your documents signed and everything is actually presented. Don't even call your seller and tell them it's a done deal until it's actually a done deal, because you'd be surprised by what could happen between a phone conversation and getting those documents.

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