I'm Justin Konikow and welcome to another episode of The Closers Daily. Episode number 130. So we're gonna cover some moral and ethics. And when an agent's covering you under a client relationship which is the highest form of fiduciary duty, where they actually have to put your interests about their own. Divulgence of information is a really important topic. So them not disclosing where you're going if you've, closed on another house, what you're options might be. Not giving away points and leverages is super important and for new agents out there listen up. It's important for you guys as well. When you're doing your consultations with your sellers or you're buyers for that matter, make sure you understand the full scope of what's going on with them. But when you're dealing with the other agents, don't give that away because each of one of those has a point of leverage that might come back to you on the agreement of purchase and sale as something that you can use to either get a better price, a better condition or something that benefits your client. Client relationship is a very important topic so we're gonna cover a couple more over the next couple days. Hope you're enjoying the series.

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