I'm Justin Konikow, welcome to episode 129 of The Closers Daily. Give you guys a nice backdrop again, up in Grand Bend for the sunset, wrapping up another day at work. So this one has to do with expired listings. So when you're signing a listing agreement, there's actually a portion of the listing agreement that says, do you wanna be contacted, if for some reason your listing expires or is canceled? And it says, you do or do not want to be contacted. What happens is, if you click do, you'll be added to a list online where, when a listing expired it says expired, yes or no? And what happens is, agents will watch these listings closely to see if it says expired, yes. It means that person wants to be contacted, and likely you're gonna have almost the entire board of agents contacting you to see what they could do to sell your property versus what was done previously. If you click no then technically they can't contact you. Will you be contacted? Who knows, but keep in mind that if they are contacting you, and you did click expired, no, that they shouldn't be contacting you in the first place. Interesting fact is you can actually see on a log who has been looking at that listing, so you could prove if they found you online after.

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