I'm Justin Konikow. Welcome to episode 128 of The Closers Daily. So I've got a really simple one for you, but people that aren't in the industry might not know why it is when real estate agents book a showing, that they book a one-hour block. Lot of showings do take a lot less time than that, sometimes five, 10, 15, 20 minutes, maybe a half an hour, you know, maybe you're getting to 45 minutes or plus, for say, a six-plex or a larger property, you know, maybe on some acreage, but typically real estate agents are doing a one-hour block because they're showing four, five, six properties at a time. So a full-blow tour will take about two hours, and depending on traffic, timing, how much time you spend on each house, you wanna make sure you have enough time to cover your ground. Now, at the same time, depending on the relationship that agent has with the other agents, they're letting them know when they're done with the house, so they can let the sellers know in time to go back, and if there's little kids or what not, you always wanna try and be considerate. But that's why we block a full hour.

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