Hi, I'm Justin Konikow. Welcome to Episode 125 of The Closers Daily. This one's about selling your house. So you've done everything to repair it to go to market. You've worked with your real estate agent on a plan and now it's on the market and you start getting all these showing requests and you're starting to feel overwhelmed because they are showing it during the baby's nap time or, you know, not the most convenient times for you. Well, keep in mind, you know, not every property is gonna to have hundreds and thousand of buyers. Sometimes there may only be, you know, five or ten buyers in a marketplace for that specific price range, area, school zone, whatever it may be. So make sure you do everything humanly possible to accommodate those showings on their schedule cause, typically, their gonna be looking at five to six houses at the same time in a very short window. So you don't want to miss those buyers. Good way to do that is to plan ahead of time. What are you gonna do with your kids? What are you gonna do with your dog? What are you gonna do if you get a last minute showing? Make sure you have all those questions answered and it can actually net you quite a bit more money on the sale of your house. Hope you enjoy the series and take care.

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