Closers Daily episode 64, so here's a tip that everybody knows in their heart of hearts but a lot of people don't necessarily practice its don't get emotional about the transaction. Really tough when you're buyer or a seller, obviously dealing with your own property, say you get a response after a home inspection and they say, hey, we found this, this, this. Don't create a narrative without really getting down to brass tacks and finding out what they want. Sometimes you'll go to people and send a list saying hey, these are the things are the things that we're going to be reviewing over the next couple days here's a couple notes of concern sometimes a 24 hour period the sellers can create a narrative in their mind that oh, they're going to ask us for a price or they're going to do this, they're going to do that and they can put a wall up before you even get to that point make sure you're transparent about it, hey, this is why we're worried about these things these are the answers that we're looking to get if you can help them bridge that gap and get the answers quicker, a lot of times you can solve those questions ahead of time and stop the buyers from creating a narrative. But again, the lesson is don't get emotional about the situation, look at the facts, try and bridge the gap and come to the best solution in the quickest time.

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