I'm Justin Konikow and welcome to episode 124 of The Closers Daily. So this one has to do with transparency and dealing with other agents or parties if you have something under contract. Transparency meaning, you know, letting them know what's happening when it's happening. So let's take a financing condition, for example. So say you run into trouble on the first or second day and you only have seven days for financing. Let the other party know what's going on, if they require extra documents, if you might require an extra day or two, you know, if you're an overseas or out of country candidate, things may impact getting the financing within that seven day period because if you let them know ahead of time, when it comes time to do the extension, you'll have a way better likelihood of getting that set extension. If you don't tell them anything, you hide all the facts, and then you get to the last day and you're scrambling, they might not give it to you. And if you've wasted money on inspection or anything else, appraisals or whatnot, that may be money that's washed down the tube. So super important, let people know what's going on, be transparent and make sure that you protect yourself throughout the transaction.

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