I'm Justin Konikow, welcome to episode 123 of The Closers Daily. We always promise to give you guys pocket listings and off-market opportunities, here's one: 323 Colborne, unit 1901, gonna be listed tomorrow at 178,5. awesome deal, southwest facing view, two bedroom unit, can't ask for cheaper living in downtown London. This episode of The Closers Daily is about buyers and buyer tours and should you buy a property on your first tour out? We had that question asked to us by a buyer, and, honestly, it depends on what your parameters are and if the perfect property happens to show up on the first tour. Sometimes it's the first tour, sometimes it's the sixth. You can't really set a rule ahead of time of when you're gonna see the right property. Just know what you're looking for, make sure you have a full-fledged consultation with your agent before you go out, so you set your expectations ahead of time. Know what you can afford, get your prequalifications in place and then be ready to pull the trigger. You don't want to pass up on an opportunity just because you want to get out and see 20 more houses if you found the one that you love.

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