Welcome to The Closers Daily episode number 104. So we've been touring people all day long looking at investment properties and thought we'd touch on something when it comes to finding off-market deals and what that is is finding an off-market deal may not always be what it's cracked up to be. Make sure you've got somebody in your pocket so that you can get the real story on that property and have somebody represent you in that transaction. They can be kind of tricky to deal with. Sometimes they can represent things that aren't necessarily true. Like maybe they recently bought it. They are representing upgrades that the previous owner did and then adding a whole bunch of money to the price because the market seems to have increased. You gotta be really careful and look to the back story. Always google the address. You'll be surprised at some of the things that pop up when it comes to that address and don't get emotional about it. I always say this to people but leave your emotions out of it. If it fits your portfolio and the numbers work, take a look at it. And if they are making a whole bunch of money but the numbers still work for you, don't necessarily worry about them, worry about what you're doing.

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