Closers Daily Episode Number 99. Thought I'd give you guys some scenery of the shores of Lake Huron. I'm heading up to Bayfield to wrap up a sale up there, and wanted to touch on something we got asked by one of the people who watches our show. What happens in a multiple offer situation, and, you know, should I put conditions on my offer or not put conditions on my offer? Well, you know, the advice that we gave them is the same that we give everybody, when you're entering multiple offers is, you know, a firm offer will take precedent over a conditional offer, but you definitely don't want to be waiving your conditions without knowing what you're getting yourself into. The two main conditions being financing and inspection. So financing's super important because if the property doesn't actually appraise, then you're going to have to come up with the shortfall to close the property. What do I mean by that? I mean, if it's a, say, $400, 000 property, and it only appraises at $350, and you've waived your financing contingency, and you're firm, you gotta come up with $50k to close that deal, or you're gonna be liable. We're gonna cover the inspection condition on the next episode, tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy the view. Take care.

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